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  • Mayor shows compassion for refugees


    Redlands for Refugees with their banners at a protest meeting in June for World Refugee Day.REDLAND City Council will consider its options for playing a role in helping Syrian refugees.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Mayor Karen Williams said theRedlandshad always been a compassionate and caring community and open to helping people build new lives.

    “There are no doubt members of the Syrian and other communities here who would be keen to be involved,” she said.

    “As most will not arrive until mid-next year, there is no doubt much planning to be done at federal and state level before the Syrian refugees can be placed.

    “In the meantime, humanitarian and refugee settlement agencies will be gearing up to provide them with cultural orientation, health care and other assistance, as well as housing.

    “If this city can play a role, I would be happy to listen.”

    Cr Williams was speaking out afterPrime Minister Tony Abbott confirmed Australia would “move quickly” to accept an extra 12,000 refugees affected by the conflict in both Syria and Iraq.

    He also announced plans for Australia toextend its campaign of air strikes from Iraq into Syria.

    Redland residents banded together in June to form Redlands for Refugees, a group which held a rangeof events to welcome foreign refugees to the city.

    The group invited people to take photos to welcome refugees and asylum seekers and post them online at”Real Australians Say Welcome”.

    Redlands for Refugees coordinatorPastor David Buschsaid there was great interest in the Redlands for the wellbeing of refugees.

    This year Redlands for Refugees group Lyn Moore of Wellington Point, Sylvia Jones of Thornlands, Marcela Moreno and coordinator Pastor David Busch did their bit to welcome refugees to the city.

    “This is an opportunity for people in the Redlands to express their support for a more compassionate, dignified and just treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, and to show that Redlands is a welcoming, generous city for all newcomers,” Mr Busch said.

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  • Former Nauru guard claims ‘nightmare’ conditions for workers


    Asylum seekers at Nauru. Photo: Angela Wylie The tiny Pacific Island of Nauru is housing asylum seekers – who arrived by boat to Australia – in a processing centre. The Age. Photo: Angela Wylie. November 19 2012. Photo: Angela Wylie
    Nanjing Night Net

    A Brisbane-based former security guard at the Nauru immigration detention centre claims she was forced to work alongside a superior after she had lodged a sexual harassment claim against him.

    Chenoah Rose, who worked for Wilson Security on Nauru between February 14, 2014, and February 1, 2015, said she lost her job after lodging her sexual harassment claim and suffering a “debilitating” injury at work.

    Wilson Security is contracted by Transfield, the private firm that runs the detention centre, to provide security at the facility.

    “Things over there are out of control. The culture is horrendous and that comes right from the top,” Ms Rose said.

    “There’s a real problem with things being swept under the carpet, complaints from workers being ignored and issues that should have been fixed being left to deteriorate.”

    Ms Rose said she lost her house, 23 weeks of wages and was nearly bankrupt as a result of her injury.

    And the sexual harassment claim was also not dealt with, she said.

    “After suffering sexual harassment from a superior, I notified Wilsons and provided screenshots in May 2014,” Ms Rose said.

    “I was forced to keep working with the perpetrator and heard no more from Wilson about the issue until October 2014, after kicking up a fuss about it.

    “The perpetrator has since been promoted. That’s the kind of culture we’re dealing with here.

    “Bullying and sexual harassment is just rife, but there’s no one you can talk to and nowhere you can go to report it.

    “The strain on workers is just huge.”

    A spokeswoman for Wilson Security said the company would have to seek approval from Transfield before commenting, but was aware of the claims.

    A United Voice union spokeswoman said Brisbane was the “point of hire” for Wilson Security’s offshore detention operations, with about 80 per cent of staff coming from the city.

    United Voice co-ordinator Damien Davie said a survey of members who worked on both Nauru and Manus Island found 27 per cent had either experienced or witnessed bullying by management.

    Mr Davie said it found 25 per cent believed Wilson had covered up or not acted upon incidents and 88 per cent thought they would be sacked if they spoke out.

    “We’ve had many more workers, who don’t wish to be identified publicly, speak to us about similar issues, including the lack of workers’ compensation for workers, the prevalence of bullying and sexual harassment and a culture that encourages sweeping everything under the carpet and leaving it there,” he said.

    “One of the challenges for us as a union is effectively advocating for our workers when it’s often so difficult to speak with them.

    “We’re not allowed onto the islands, phone lines are often down, emails are monitored and Facebook is banned.

    “It’s our firm belief that things in offshore detention can’t improve for workers or detainees unless something is done to break down the culture there, and its United Voice’s position that can’t happen until a new contractor takes over.”

    Mr Rose said there were times when she was on the island that she was unable to speak to her four-year-old son for weeks.

    “There were other workers who missed parents’ funerals because Wilson wouldn’t provide leave or didn’t arrange flights out in time,” she said.

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  • Man hit by own car after would-be thief pounced during ATM stop in Roxburgh Park


    CCTV footage released by police shows a thief trying to steal a man’s car in Roxburgh Park. CCTV footage released by police shows a thief trying to steal a man’s car in Roxburgh Park.
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    CCTV footage released by police shows a thief trying to steal a man’s car in Roxburgh Park.

    CCTV footage released by police shows a thief trying to steal a man’s car in Roxburgh Park.

    A 60-year-old man has been run over after would-be thieves tried to steal his car in Melbourne’s north.

    The victim left his car idling and door open while he withdrew cash from an ATM in Somerton Road, Roxburgh Park, shortly before 6am on August 24.

    A Mercedes-Benz then pulled up, and a man got out and jumped behind the wheel of the victim’s car.

    The opportunistic thief was reversing when the car’s owner returned to the vehicle and intervened.

    The victim, from Greenvale, was knocked to the ground and run over by his own car.

    He was also pinned under the car for a short time before the offenders drove a short distance away.

    The offender then fled the scene in the Mercedes-Benz.

    Leading Senior Constable Julie-Anne Newman said the victim suffered lacerations to his leg and was taken to hospital, but escaped serious injury.

    Detectives have released CCTV vision showing the offender getting into the stolen vehicle and reversing.

    One of the men involved is said to be of Middle Eastern appearance with a medium build.

    He was wearing a grey and black hoodie, black scarf and black track-suit pants with red writing down the right leg.

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  • Seeing red: Yarraville parking meters vandalised again


    Vandals have attacked parking meters in Yarraville for the third time in two weeks, ramping up a parking battle between residents, businesses and local council.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Five new parking meters installed on Ballarat and Canterbury streets were smashed overnight, just days after Maribyrnong Council installed portable security cameras in the area in the hope of catching the offenders.

    Local traders and residents have launched an aggressive campaign against the introduction of paid parking in the area, arguing it will negatively affect business.

    The latest vandalism follows two instances in recent weeks that are estimated to have caused $40,000 in damage. The cost of the latest damage is not yet known.

    On August 27 – just one day before the meters were to be switched on – several meters were smeared with a construction adhesive.

    Less than a week later, the screens of eight meters were smashed.

    Police are investigating the three incidents, but did not confirm if they had obtained any CCTV footage from the area.

    About 3000 Yarraville residents have signed a petition against the parking meters.

    Yarraville Village Says No to Paid Parking convener Megan Darling said the council had “blatantly disregarded” community sentiment.

    Ms Darling said it was “awful” that people felt vandalism was the only option left to take.

    The new parking meters operate between 8am and 6pm from Tuesday to Saturday, and charge $1.80 per hour.

    Maribyrnong Council have been contacted for comment.

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  • New garbage bins for Dungog Shire residents


    One of the new trucks which will pick up Dungog garbage and recycle binsDungog Shire Council is introducing an updated waste and recycling service that will commence on October 5.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Preparations are now well underway for the introduction with new bins being delivered in upcoming weeks.

    “It will be very exciting to see the rollout of new garbage and recycling bins which will be undertaken by council’s contractor JR Richards & Sons between September 14 and 25,” said Dungog Shire Council manager of Environmental Services Paul Minett.

    “There will be two new bins delivered to all residents.

    “The yellow lidded bin will be for recycling, which will continue to be collected fortnightly while the red lidded bin will be for garbage/general waste and will continue to be collected weekly.

    “Residents’ collection days will not change as part of the new service. ”

    Along with the rollout of new bins several updated collection vehicles will also be introduced.

    These state of the art vehicles include a number of updated features that will ensure high quality collection services for all residents.

    An information pack will be delivered with your new bins containing more details about how and when to use your new service as well as information on how and when to place your old bins out to be collected and recycled.

    For more information contact Dungog Waste Services on 1300 343 507.

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