Horrendous cruelty

The injured kangaroo appears to have been dragged to its death behind a vehicle at Longford.POLICEand community members have been left stunned after a kangaroo was allegedly tied behind a car and dragged along the South Gippsland Highway over the weekend.
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Two 18-year-old girls found the kangaroo in a pool of blood at the intersection with the Longford Loch Sport Rd, with its legs still tied together with electrical cable and severe grazing down the left side of its body on Saturday.

It is unknown whether the animal was dead or alive throughout the ordeal.

In a scene more commonly akin to a motorcycle accident’s victim, the animal’s fur had been withered down so severely that its muscles and internal organs were gruesomely splayed outside of its body.

Our Haven Wildlife Shelter operator Theresa Matthews happened to be passing the area at the time and stopped to help the two girls move the animal from the road.

She said after years of dealing with injured wildlife, the torturous nature of this event had left her questioning society.

“When I walked over I could see by their faces something was wrong, and when I saw the cable around its legs, and realised the burn marks and saw the pool of blood, I thought ‘this thing was alive when they’ve been doing this’,” Mrs Matthews said.

“I just find it all heartbreaking. I don’t understand how somebody could do that to something that’s living. It’s living and feels pain.”

Sergeant Trevor Barton from Sale Police said he was left shocked by the extreme cruelty of the incident.

He said police were desperate for anyone with information about the incident to come forward, with those who committed the attack facing up to two years imprisonment if found guilty.

“The animal has been severely injured and it would appear that it’s been dragged behind a vehicle, but we don’t have a lot else to go on at the moment,” he said.

“We don’t know if the animal was alive at that point in time, but that’s beside the point. It’s not acceptable to treat native or domestic wildlife in that way, it constitutes aggravated animal cruelty.”

For Mrs Matthews, after giving up her life of semi-retirement in Golden Beach to dedicate her time, energy and savings to helping injured wildlife, this incident has left her and her husband reconsidering their future.

“I think it’s just devastating me what’s being done to the animals around the place,” an emotional Mrs Matthews said.

“And all the things you’re seeing; the arrows through them, the darts in them, being shot with babies and left there alive still . . . the other morning I pulled three bodies off the road. People hit them and they don’t even go back to take a blink to see if they’re still alive.”

The work done by Mrs Matthews and husband Tony has been much publicised over recent years, with their selflessness and dedication to wildlife injured in car accidents, amazing many in the community.

Despite the regularity with which they find battered, bruised or dead animals by the road side, the extreme nature of this incident had deeply horrified both of them.

“Seeing this one was just like it’s getting to the point where I’m feeling like maybe (I’ll) just give up,” Mrs Matthews said.

“I’ve just seen too much. I’d organised a rescue course to get people to be able to do rescues in our area . . . so I was a little bit excited and thinking finally we’re going to get some people to help us, and I pulled up to this.”

“I wonder what we’re walking around with.”

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