Letters to the editor, September 10

Referendum optionsCongratulations to the government for finally deciding to take the issue of gay marriage to the people rather than for the politicians to decide.
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My only concern with this decision is that such a plebiscite (or referendum) would be held after the general election in 2016.

Why not at the same time?

We all know the economy is not in great shape and if costs can be minimised by holding this and the referendum for Indigenous Constitutional rights in conjunction with an election, surely that would make better economic sense.

And who of us wants to be dragged out two or three times to vote when it can be all settled at the one time?

And now Mr Brandis is advocating against a plebiscite because of the cost; Mr Turnbull wants a plebiscite before the election; and Ms Bishop wants a referendum instead.

(Does this mean we would have a choice of the wording rather than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’?)

Mr Abbott is now saying we will have a decision on the form and timing within weeks.

Personally I feel we should all let our local members know how we feel about the timing.

Incidentally, I wonder why the Labor Party as a whole is so against the people deciding this issue.

After all, even politicians get to cast their vote in a general election so no-one will be denied a conscience vote.

Do they have some concerns about the accuracy of the “polls”?

Whatever happens I know that I am, and I’m sure many others are, tired of the air that is being taken up by this debate, and we would prefer to see our elected members spending their paid time in sorting out the problems of corporate tax avoidance, overpaid CEOs and getting water to our dry inland

Elvie Preo


Couples in contextLet’s put this thing about gays and lesbians in context.

God wanted to work out how to match a couple together so they can reproduce to make it a good world.

First he tried two men together and they could not reproduce, so he tried two women together and the same as the first group, they could not do it between two women.

So he said that is no good and then he tried one man and one woman together and they reproduced.

So he called them Adam and Eve and he said so be it, only one man and one woman would produce.

He said go forth Adam and Eve and do what I want you to do.

So that’s it – no more same couples.

Mick Ahkin


Thanks to SalvosCongratulations and thank you to the Salvation Army for choosing to come and live in the Bega Valley 125 years ago.

Our close-knit community is no doubt all the stronger for having you in our lives.

You are one of the first to put your hands up to assist the community, especially in times of need – be it fires, flood or hardship – or last, but certainly not least, tragic times.

You’ve always extended unconditional friendship, love and support when and wherever the need.

Long live the Salvos in the Bega Valley community.

Name supplied

Democracy a lieI have hesitated to become a citizen because I don’t want to lie.

If I were to become a citizen I would have to tell the people with the right to make me a citizen that I believe in democracy.

I don’t believe that people are not smart enough to govern themselves.

Even if I were to believe in democracy, I have not seen it practiced here.

None of us took a vote to see how we felt about the herbicidal mania that has been going on in Bega.

Apparently if you have enough power, laws do not apply to you.

You can break them to justify spending money that is essentially tax dollars.

I am a pensioner.

I live off tax dollars, but rest assured I do not use the money to break the law.

No-one asked us how we felt about parking stripes in front of driveways or other areas that legally should be kept clear of cars.

I noticed stripes indicating parking spots in the most illegal place in the parking lot between Gipps St and Church St.

There are stripes painted directly in front of driveways.

Beautiful shade-giving and flower-bearing plants have been killed for the sake of killing something (I can’t think of any other reason to have a desire to the kill trees other than being nasty).

The trees planted in front of houses on Girraween Crescent, where they block sun, which is just plain unhealthy, are the only ones I can think of as a burden.

Kiss’s Lagoon was beautiful and teeming with wildlife.

Now it is flat and empty.

Trees are dropping like flies and it take decades to grow them.

They added beauty and wildlife to Bega.

Our town is becoming barren.

I personally am outraged.

As ineffective as I think democracy is, it is better than what I see practiced in Bega.

There is no room for megalomania in democracy.

Ethel Pepper


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