Letters to the editor, September 11

DysfunctionalYesterday, I received a reply dated June 14, 2011 (postmarked August 30, 2015) to a letter I sent to Premier Barry Farrell on June 7, 2011, expressing concern about imminent logging in Bermagui State Forest close to residents.
Nanjing Night Net

Logging native forests for woodchips is as behind the times and dysfunctional as this administrative capacity.

Future economies and jobs lie in forest restoration, carbon and tourism, not in the destruction of wildlife habitat.

Dr Bronte Somerset


Death and taxesFirstly, thank you to all the staff, medical and support groups for your care and support given to our mother Leila Buddle over many years of illness and pain.

She was so grateful, as are we, so take care to all.

Now to flip the coin.

I cannot believe that the attending doctor on the Friday night flew in from Tasmania for weekend duties at Bega Hospital!

At what cost?

Then, eight days after mother had passed, the family was at the house when the phone rang, only for it to be her own doctor wanting to talk to her.

He wanted to tell her he had her tablets in place for he was going away.

We had to tell him she had passed away eight days earlier.

Difficult for us and a shock to the doctor.

The medical system and administration has some work to do, don’t you agree?

Now to our council.

Our loved ones have lived in this Valley a lifetime – in mother’s case, 77 years – doing the right thing paying rates year after year.

Then when you die, what thanks do you get?

A bill.

No thanks for your years of support. Not even a sorry for your loss.

Just a bill and a due date.

Just shows council’s true colours in my opinion.

So be ready for this account that a council committee has come up with.

Check this out!

Admin fees $230. Burial licence $410. Interment fee $120. Excavation fee $1460. Marker fee $250.

Total: $2470.

After the way families pay rates and this is the thanks.

I’m not sure I know how this committee sleeps.

The old saying “no need to shut the hen house door when the fox is already inside” comes to mind.

I wouldn’t be seen dead supporting council by being buried in Bega, so I am off to the BBQ hot plate when the time comes.

You’ll get no support from me.

Tony Buddle


Government mutationFor decades we have been drilled that economic management is in the Coalition’s DNA.

Our national debt has doubled in the last two years, and recent nominal GDP figures are the worst since 1961/62.

We are witnessing a significant mutation, before our very eyes.

Andrew McPherson


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