‘The Apple of my eye’

IF PETER Halliburton could camp out at the crack of dawn in New York’s Times Square to get his hands on the latest iPhone, he would.
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APPLE FANBOY: Peter Halliburton with all the latest Apple gadgets at his fingertips. Picture: Les Smith

Forget sleep, forget breakfast, the only thing that matters on Apple’s big day is the shiny new gadgets. And don’t even think about dropping the “W” bomb.

It’s a dirty word in Mr Halliburton’s Apple-infused world.

“I was very much a Windows man, I would never even think about touching an Apple product …but I just got sick and tired of Windows not working the way it should,” he said.

“I confess: I’m a turncoat.”

The technology giant, the world’s third-largest company, unveiled its much-hyped iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on Thursday.

They look largely the same as the most recent predecessor, but with the inclusion of an improved camera, speedier processor and 3D touch.

Mr Halliburton said the innovation is world away from the first iPhone, marking the continued success of the company under CEO Tim Cook’s command.

Also launched on Thursday were the new AppleTV, touted as the future of television,and iPad Pro.

It will add to the long list of products currently owned by Wagga’s self-confessed “Apple fanatic”.

“We’ve got an iPhone 6, iPads, three Apple TVs,Macbook Pro, an iMac and an iWatch,” Mr Halliburton said.

“All up it cost thousands,but I like staying ahead with the gadgets, it’s my passion and something I’ve always liked.I just think they’re a company that is not only good at making its own hardware, but software as well.”

Sleek and sexy gadgets aside, the company’s share price has copped a battering in recent times. Just days ahead of the announcement it was down more than 6 per cent.

But Mr Halliburton believes as long as people are lining up at the door, the company will continue to thrive.

“There’s no doubt that Steve Jobs was a big loss,” he said.

“But Tim Cook has followed on quite well in Steve Jobs’s absence.If you’ve got a company that can periodically deliver new products, people will want to go out and get the next best thing.”

The new iPhone will launch in Australia on September 25.

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