Yurts are back in fashion

An example of a single level Yurt room. If you decide to move you can take your investment with you.Ever thought, “I need a little more space.” If you have required a spare room for a studio, spare bedroom for guests, a workshop, a hobby room, home office or a granny flat for the in-laws, then this is an idea for you!
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Yurts are back in fashion, an easy solution for extra space that you may need.

Yurts can be planted in your backyard and easily disassembled if you were to move.

Take your investment with you.

Yurts began in Canberra in 1980, and grew popular after a yurt hosted the centrepiece at Floriade in 1990.

Greener pastures then took it to the NOrth Shore for use as offices, studios and granny flats up and down the seaside.

Next, they were featured on national television and this alerted the building industry to a simple yet attractive, easy to build, spare room.

These unique Mongolian styled round houses were modified from the original tent design.

They come in red cedar, insulated kit form, but are rigidly held together by the use of the compression ring principle.

A steel cable is tightly threaded around the circumference to hold fast the cathedral roof sections.

The inside view of the ceiling is an attraction and the lack of internal supports give a very spacious feeling.

Yurts are made locally, and if you need that little bit of extra space, maybe a Yurt is for you.

Yurts can be erected at short notice and usually take 24 hours to build. The single level rooms are exempt from Council approval to a certain size but the Yurt homes and double storey Yurts do require Council Approval.

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